Weeship is a private transporters community able to deliver anything on the same day, at low prices, anywhere in Europe

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Development Stage of your Startup : Pre-boot

Weeship innovates to provide the population with the best transportation services ever.
Studies show that anytime people have the need to ship something, they won't unless it's their only choice because the usual services are obsolete and insecure : high prices, delays, tracking problems, lost and stolen parcels, lack of flexibility, low security.
The need is real. Hence Weeship birth.
Weeship app offers the ability for anyone to connect to choose its own private transporter and ship anything for cheap within a day, to help save both money & time. The app also offers the chance to become a transporter during commute or travels to win money in exchange of delivering something for another user, all transactions secured.
Everything is being coordinated by the app, from the meeting to the delivery point and payment. We work with insurances to provide our users the most secure services possible, and our notation process gives a good clue on how trustful is our community.


Our market is already 300 millions of parcels per year in France, which is 7,5 B €, and it offers a huge expansion potential in Europe but also towards the B2B market.

Main customers

Main target for beta tests and launching : students from 18 to 28 travelling back and forth from school to hometown and really user-friendly with the sharing economy apps and cheap ways of travelling like train, bus or carpooling.
Large target : He/she is friendly to the sharing-economy and is 18 to 39 years-old. He/she travels quite often between cities to visit family or for work. He/she is unsatisfied by the existing postal & delivery services, like everyone else.

Problem / Customers

We're developing weeship on 3 main competitive advantages : TRUST (a 3 dimensional process for security and insurances), FLEXIBILITY (a real-time tracking & choices), BEST DELAYS (same day deliveries), LOW COST PRICING 10 TIMES CHEAPER (1kg @weeship = 3€, while 28€ @chronopost).
Thanks to our innovation of use, anybody can save money, time, and also contribute to save the environment since the sharing way of shipping is eco-friendly !