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WantMoreWork is a start-up creating digital platforms for professional meetings around dedicated professional communities.




Development Stage of your Startup : Pre-boot

Creating platforms for specific talent needs to meet the right offer: where employers can match their needs to talent through an advanced algorithm and where experts (advisors) can personally advertise their offer; based on professional peer-to-peer references and focused on solving business case and proven track record.

WantMoreWork is going to solve the issues of still complex, time intensive, and not always accurate data analytics in the online job networks. Through algorithm validated and fast results that run automatically precise risks and best matches are calculated resulting in expedited decision-making process.

It represents the possibility for seekers to find the right advisor quicker and with a better level of quality reassurance. On the other side, it offers more opportunities to talents by organizing time as they want (no linear time, no physical meeting). Platform will extend occurrences of professionnal/working meeting in a higher sustainable way.


First market : consultancy ; after all market where connection between supply and offer dosn't match

Main customers

Experts on one side (consultant, independent professional). Executive managers on the other side in large or medium corporations. Some large corporates seem interested by clustoring the solution for an internal use.

Problem / Customers

Connect needs and expertise by offering a web place where peole could find jobs, work, and learn with peers