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Development Stage of your Startup : Operating and Sales

TX2 CONCEPT, top edi systems provider, has more than 25 years of experience! Implemented in 30 countries around the world, our technological solutions are used every day by more than 1700 companies. Experts in dematerialized professional data, our solutions are especially designed for automotive, transport and logistics, optical and mass-market retailing industries. As an edi systems provider, we offer specific technological solutions such as: integrated edi, webedi, e-invoicing, data and price sheets...
At TX2 Concept, we make of our customers’ business expertise an important asset, regarding the understanding of flows and exchanges of data in their economic environment.

TX2 Concept proposes you innovative EDI solutions in terms of user-friendliness, security and technology for the setting-up of EDI in your company.

TX2 Concept is a team of experts dedicated to the EDI and to the dematerialization of documents (accounting dematerialization, electronic invoicing…), all of them present to meet your needs in the exchanges of business data.

TX2 Concept has the knowledge and the experience to supply the adequate EDI solutions to your needs, as long by taking into account deadlines than by answering the necessities of your company – no matter its size or its business sector.

TX2 business LINKED® is an EDI transmission system, which turns out to be a real secured link for all the exchanges of business data between societies.


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