With SoBus, you can compare bus tickets but also train and Blablacar offerings to book your travel at the lower price. Founded 2 years ago,

Matthieu Marquenet

Clément Hugon


Development Stage of your Startup : Operational product/service

With SoBus you can book your bus tickets cheaper and more simply in 10+ countries of Europe. They reference indeed the bus tickets of all main companies, such as Flixbus, Ouibus, Isilines or National Express... You can directly see but also purchase directly the cheapest tickets. The UX is optimized with only 3 pages from the homepage to the payment. SoBus also includes carpooling and train, as it is sometimes a better option. They have developed an algorithm that can combine routes, guaranteeing the best time-price ratio.In the end, their vision is to make the first intermodal booking platform in Europe.


Global market size is €70b, including €10B in Europe. Potential is huge with 90% of bus tickets purchased offline in the world.
Gross margin is around 8%, giving €350M for distribution of bus tickets. In France, it is growing fast after the liberalization in 2015 : from 5M tickets in 2016 to 30M in 2020. So it is the best market to start with.

Main customers

Our clients are people who are rich... in time. 60% are women, 20% are students.
6M people used bus in 2016 in France, and it will reach 25M in 2022. France is perfect for a launch before going global.

Problem / Customers

We are developing a booking platform to solve this issue. Our goal is to enable the best UX for booking, such as what Capitaine Train has done in France for train, before being purchased €180M by Trainline. Besides we add value by comparing prices, and building multi-company tickets.