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High performance Earth Observation payloads for small satellites

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Development Stage of your Startup : Operating and Sales

Small satellites are enabling the democratization of Space providing fast, and low-cost access to Space-based information.

SATLANTIS vision is the development of microsatellite constellations for near-real time intelligence and surveillance of critical infrastructures, processes and geographies for commercial and public customers.

SATLANTIS mission is the design, construction and operation of earth observation payloads and microsatellites.

SATLANTIS is manufacturing high precision space cameras of low weight and size for Space Agencies, Platform Suppliers and satellite integrators.
The Camera range moves from sub metric resolutions in 12kg payload to 2metres for tiny binoculars.

Satlantis has closed its financial round with very large corporations (Telefonica, NTT-Everis, Idom, Orza, Elecnor-Deimos) and public institutions ( Deputation Foral Bizkaia, Gobierno Vasco, Axis-ICO) in order to finance the growth and lead the market of microsatelltes and their real time monitoring capabilities.


Aerospace, satellites

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Universities, industries, and government agencies

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High performance Earth Observation payloads for small satellites