The most compact & cost efficient city transport - kick scooter sharing

Polina Mikhaylova

Arthur Keller

Sebastian Ruestig


Development Stage of your Startup : Operational product/service

SAMOCAT solves the last mile problem. The kick scooter rental system comprised of compact docks with scooters available via smartphone or NFC card. Lighter, easier, and more
practical than a shared bicycle system, SAMOCAT kick scooters weigh only 4 kilos compared to a 25-kilos shared bicycles – scooters are sidewalk-friendly and very portable. Take it on the train, bring it to the office, rental scooters are the perfect solution for urbanites looking to travel quickly and easily, especially for that last mile of your journey. The scooter has an IoT chip, so when you’ve reached your destination station you can easily return it to an available dock.

And YES (!!!) kick scooters can be electric!

Good for cities, but also for Airports, Enterprise complexes and exhibition centers....


Potential market can be divided as follow:
- Smart cities, looking to solve the last mile problem
- Touristic places, suffering from lack of easy transportation, suitable for all ages
- Internal mobility problem - big companies and campuses with large sites

Main customers

In progress: Deutsche Bahn - german national railway company (wants us to be supplier for electric scooter sharing),
BMW - internal mobility solving, Decathlon - internal mobility solving, Scolcovo - innovation hub in Moscow... and many others.
These pre-orders are in progress now.

Problem / Customers

Providing the most compact transport.
Value for end users: light and fordable scooter, ideal for commuting, traveling with kids and ladies wearing skirts :)
Value for cities: system takes up to 8 times less space than a bike sharing, up to 10 times cheaper
Value for partners: scooters are connected. Related app can be used for adevrtisement