PingFlow, rocking your workflow Pingflow helps companies set and achieve goals through visual digital management.

Claire Jolimont


Development Stage of your Startup : Profitable

By assembling real time data in user-friendly visual boards, managers, workers and executives can easily troubleshoot and plan for the future from one interactive dashboard. Pingflow connects all users via alerts that ensure everyone is on the same page

With unlimited users, and unlimited device access, Pingflow focuses on bringing together the most important data streams into one visual output. Pingflow your operations storyteller.

1 Dashboard. Unlimited screens. 100% visibility into your operations. Always connected to your team.


data driven organization in all industry from manufacturing to IT services

Main customers

Manufacturing industry & aerospace: Airbus,, Stelia Aerospace, Zodiac, Toyota, Kubota, Renault, ....
IT services : Capgemini, Itelios, Visiativ

Problem / Customers

PingFlow is a disruptive startup specialized in team digital visual management that provides easy access to various existing data flows on a visual board to drive team operational excellence in data driven organization.