Your IT partner for your research and big data projects in biomedical imaging

Karine Seymour
President & CEO


Development Stage of your Startup : Operating and Sales

Medexprim is an open-source software company, providing IT services for biomedical imaging research projects. Our mission is to facilitate the exploitation and valorization of existing biomedical images archives and associated data for research and big-data projects. We alleviate the burden of extracting relevant data from PACS and other sources, de-identifying, cleaning and organizing data sets. By doing so, we enable researchers to do new discoveries (radiomics) and develop new algorithms faster.
For AI imaging companies and the life science industry requiring qualified imaging exams and associated clinical data, we source data from partner hospitals and past clinical trials. We take care of legal and contractual aspects (through a partnership with a lawyer specialized in health data) and set up the solutions to securely select, extract, deidentify, curate and organize the data.


Academic researchers / hospitals, imaging CRO (Contract Research Organization)
AI imaging companies, life science industry

Main customers

Toulouse University Hospitals, Association neurologique sud francilienne (near Paris, France).

Problem / Customers

Unleash the potential of your biomedical images archives for research.
Focus on your research, don't waste time in collecting and curating data.