It’s a dating site for projects. It’s a social network that connects people, projects and skills.

Anthony Guéchoum
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Development Stage of your Startup : Pre-boot

JollyClick is a dating site for projects. It is a social network that connects people with projects and people with skills. Not to mention people who just want to help. Legally, it is a simplified joint stock company (SAS) based in Mende (Lozère) and composed of 5 partners executives holders of 100% of share capital.

It all began in 2014 when Christopher des Fontaines (founder) wrote an album with his partner. One day, the pianist who composed the music and who owned the recording studio got into trouble. He left leaving the project to account. Yet the couple wanted to finish it. But for this they needed a pianist. Christopher then began to look everywhere. After weeks of searching, he finally understood that there was no team making web platform.

Many of us have very good ideas. But unfortunately, we abandon them because we do not have the skills or the energy or the time required to achieve them. Once we find a partner, we save time, network, skills and even money. We are also likely to have untapped skills that could be used for useful projects. In a time when we need solutions, what's worse than the waste of our intelligence and the abandonment of our initiatives? The issue we raise is not specific, it is general. Because if we admit that among these ideas, there are brilliant, so we are dealing with biggest waste known to humanity. Imagine the vastness of the waste, all these ideas in everyone's head that get lost, all this sleeping genius. And now imagine a website that brings together millions of users, creating teams and hundreds of thousands of projects each year worldwide.

Our goal: to become the world biggest team making platform. By bringing together people, JollyClick creates teams and allows the creation of projects (companies, associations, organizations, events, groups, inventions, etc.) that would otherwise not be apparent. We plan to settle in 5 European countries (France, UK, Sweden, Italy and Spain), to attract +81 000 users by 2018, +260 000 users before 2019, +740 000 2020, +1.8 million before 2021 and +4 million before 2022 (n+4). Finally, we hope to generate €189,566 in revenue in 2017. In the following years, we estimate the turnover for 2018 to €680,650, 2019 to €1,920,976, 2020 to €5,052,133, 2021 €11,579,767.

After over 2 years of research work and conceptualization, we are preparing for major deadlines. The alpha version (first prototype) will be posted on 16/09/2016 and JollyClick will go from project to company as SAS end of 2016. We now have a satisfactory working basis, with a team of 5 people, a community of 750 people, more credibility (successful crowdfunding campaign on KissKissBankBank, financial support from the Institut de l’Engagement, partnership with Lozère Development, etc.), a construction site (translated in 4 languages), an established editorial/graphical line and a developed dissemination strategy.


Create teams in order to set up projects, as is the common objective of this market. That said, as will be seen later, this market is new and inexperienced. It is also, in some respects, a market to create from scratch. Therefore, what kind of need does it respond to? In this regard, we have compiled the detailed causes that seem to motivate the emergence of this market. 

1. Need to cooperate.
In an interview with the Journal du Net, Patrick Malka from Investment Funds Newfund explains that a single ride start-up seems complicated and that "companies with two or three shareholders work better." Nearly 23% of failures are due to the team. 

2. Lack of time.
The 1st cause of the abandonment of a project is the lack of time. Because of the speed with which the user can find people, the sort of information that directly target wanted persons and the wide range of profiles that are there, these dating sites optimize and make research not only more enjoyable but also more appropriate.

3. Lack of contacts.
Currently, we observe a deficit relative to the size of personal networks. If we only look at the friend and family circles, we then realize very quickly that this network suffers from an insufficient rate of finding his or her teammates. It is a reliable network but not wide enough to satisfy everyone in his search for the compatible and complementary teammate.

4. Lack of informations.
The market responds to a lack of visibility of "what happens" in our neighborhood, in our city, in our country. No web platform will effectively centralize all projects in which everyone could participate. These dating sites, outlining current projects, increase the interest of Internet users to participate in these projects. These are websites that facilitate activity creation by improving the process of team building.

5. The absence of effective dating sites for projetcs.
The incompatibility of people on networks that are currently offered by the web prevents the establishment of a genuine process of team building. In other words, no site today allows a "match" that ensures adequate building of quality teams.

Main customers

Our engine users are the project leaders. It is they who create the activity on the site. It is they also who will attract other users who will bring their skills and support to projects. Our expanded target market is among people between 20-40 years of sociological and cultural reasons. These are young professionals living in European cities, often creators or entrepreneurs, associative people, students or researchers or political activists.

Given the sketch that EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre has drawn up (2014) based on 2250 outgoing students of preparatory classes, the average age of entrepreneurs-students is 24 years, 64.4% of them have a business project and 79.5% are men. Our target heart is composed of a majority of men aged 25-35 years old who want to undertake in the widest sense (not only limited to institutional business creation).

Our customers, however, in view of our business model, are SME/SOHO/financial institutions/associations that in an effort to increase sales/staffing appeal to us to find new clients/members/employees, etc. These businesses can be online shops, stores, suppliers, factories, gyms, studios, banks, incubators, groceries, crowdfunding platforms, project management sites, fairs, festivals and much more that meet the needs of our users (on the list of needs that JollyClick request information from the registration of a project or a person together with the rest of the profile). Note that the immediacy of the information we receive from our users about their needs allows us to be just in time and to know in real time who will be our next customers.

Problem / Customers

For users: A dating site for projects (personality test, customizable profiles, algorithmic linking, helping profiles for projects, project types diversity, collaborative functions, global platform, simple and efficient graphics and ergonomics.

For the customers
Lead generation platform (updated and contextualized records: name, address, phone, email, nature of the project, progress, status of the team, the project objectives, etc.) that may affect any sector and that we intend to sell as keyword subscriptions through our internal and direct ad management.
+ Premium subscription for users who wish to get special features.
+ Pro subscription for organizations that want to have a private and customizable JollyClick.