Lagos, Nigeria

Free Online Invoicing Software For Small Business Owners & Freelancers.

Olaoye Somide
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Development Stage of your Startup : Operational product/service

InvoiceApp makes it extremely easy and faster for small business owners and freelancers to bill clients and get paid online.

The solution makes the process of creating online invoices, sending quotations, managing expenses and accepting payments online as simple as having a cup of coffee.



Main customers

Small Business Owners, Startups, Entrepreneurs & Freelancers. InvoiceApp is primarily for anyone who needs to send invoices and get paid online.

Problem / Customers

Go Paperless! Get Paid Faster!! Invoicing and getting paid are one of the most challenging aspect of running a small business. With InvoiceApp, you don’t have to spend more time sending invoices to clients or chasing after clients for payments.