HySiLabs is providing a green liquid fuel with benefits of hydrogen without any storage issue by simply producing it on demand anywhere, any

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HySiLabs is a french startup based in Aix en Provence founded in 2015 by Vincent Lôme and Pierre-Emmanuel Casanova. Both with a scientific background, Pierre and Vincent are passionate about innovation and alternative fuels. While Pierre was in the US studying management of innovation, Vincent met Dr Jean Michel Brunel who has developed a revolutionary process that can release on demand hydrogen from a simple chemical reaction. Together they decided to create the startup to bring to the market this innovative technology that maintains the advantages of hydrogen without any storage issue. Indeed, based on this simple reaction, it is now possible to transport and generate safely hydrogen by simply mixing two stable liquids. This solution is enabling a full logistic supply chain that is similar to the other existing liquid fuels.


Hydrogen mobility market, stationary hydrogen market, nomadic/portable hydrogen market, energy market in general, Electric Fuel Cell Vehicles Market

Main customers

Fuel Cell Makers, Oil and Gas industries, Automotive industries

Problem / Customers

Make Hydrogen easy to use anywhere anytime and democratize its utilisation as an alternative source of energy