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Humnis is a revolutionary new way to work together and achieve each one projects.

Mehdi Tagaizine

Yassine Khaled


Development Stage of your Startup : Pre-boot

Humnis is a web marketplace that creates an interface between students and start-ups. The goal is to connect those two groups of users to help them create and develop projects together. We want to highlight students’ skills and accompany them on their professionnal paths, helping them broaden their skills, develop new assets, and making them a part of the exciting and dynamic start- up movement.
The digital revolution and the collaborative and knowledge economy have transformed a large number of economic elds (transportation, accommodation, food service industry), giving the opportunity to private individuals to connect and exchange services for money, and create high value work with their brain and a computer . As a company, we aim to reinvent the working experience for students and start-ups, by enabling those two communities to offer their skills and projects to one another.
The Humnis web plateform leans on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and is perfectly embeded in those social networks, thanks to an Application Programming Interface (API) that is linked to our plateform, allowing students and start-ups to spread their digital skill card and projects.
At Humnis , we redistribute a part of the value of each project to the students community, and we also accept Bitcoins.



Main customers

Little companies,

Problem / Customers

Work with your friends on your social networks, get paid even for trying, exchange with everything with a value.