Hubtype is a customer support platform focused on messaging apps, integrating Fb Messenger, Telegram and more in a simple dashboard.

Eric Marcos

Marc Caballe

Adria Gascon


Development Stage of your Startup : Pre-boot

We're building a customer care SaaS platform that unifies all instant messaging apps (whatsapp, telegram, wechat, etc) so that companies can attend their users through the channels they already know and use every day. At first, this interaction will be handled by human agents, but we'll gradually introduce chatbots and AI features to help those agents respond better and faster, and even replace them in some tasks.


Online customer support is a market that will grow 70% over the next 4 years to surpass 30b.

Main customers

CaixaBank, Sellbytel, Inditex, Ulabox... They're all in pilots.

Problem / Customers

A complete and professional tool that lets companies manage the relationship with their customers better and faster through the most popular messaging apps.