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Geovast 3D is a cloud-based company giving real-time access to 3D digital clone of our world. We bring intelligence to big point cloud data.

Florent Poux


Development Stage of your Startup : Operational product/service

GEOVAST 3D is a start-up created in 2014 and is now recognized internationally for its technology pioneering vision of 3D visualization. The worldwide industry uses this technology to work with large datasets created by laser scanning, LiDAR and ground / aerial photogrammetry.

There are forms of "Big Data" rich and useful for studies, engineers and construction companies, allowing them to save time and reduce their expenses through a specific system to represent the real world.

GEOVAST 3D believes 3D information needs to be immediate, interactive, comprehensive and smart. A Point Cloud - output of many sensors - is a rich and true 3D documentation, yet really RAW. Thanks to powerful algorithms and a deep knowledge of the industry, Geovast 3D develops simple and intuitive web apps to access anywhere at any time real-time analytics and 4D vizualisation of what you scanned, digital copy of the real world.


Geospatial, Geomatics, Communication and Advertising, Surveying, Oil & Gas, Architecture, Construction, Museum and cultural Heritage

Main customers

Surveyors, 3D scanning companies, UAVs manufacturers, Carrefour, SNCF, AUDI, EDF, ErDF, Leclerc, ...

Problem / Customers

We bring the possibility to automatically visualize, collaborate, analyze big point cloud data. We make it smart, easy and intuitive to work and extract real information in real-time, in the cloud.