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Premium software solutions for network marketing business - Integrated with BI, data analytics & advanced technologies

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Development Stage of your Startup : Operational product/service

Epixel MLM Software is developed with scalability and stability in mind and is suitable for all range of industries such as Wellness and Healthcare, Investment Plans, Crypto-Mining and Trading, E-commerce and Online Shopping etc. The high end back-office system allows businesses to easily manage and control simple to complex organizational business structures. Tools such as Business administrator tools, Business & financial staff tools, Back-office support staff tools are some of the tools which help to manage the business tasks as per user roles. To view and manage the entire business network features such as Binary team genealogy, Unilevel sponsor tree, Network explorer and Downline sales tracking are included.

Epixel MLM Software is capable of taking your MLM business to a whole new level with the help of our innovative data-driven intelligence tools. Real-time business intelligence, Advanced distributor engagement tools, and Analyze business KPI cards are some of the data-driven tools. Real-time business intelligence tools will give insights of the business performance through the dashboard in real-time. The Advanced distributor engagement tools helps to improve distributor engagements through ad-hoc analysis which assist MLM companies to make smart decisions. With Analyze business KPI low performing areas of the business can be analyzed and make critical business decisions.

Reach more prospects with less time and effort with our Intelligent promotional tools. It also includes conventional tools like lead capture pages, promotional banners, social media integrations, referral link promotions for easier business conversions. Outreach your business to every corner of the world with our Internationalization tools, which helps in configuring country-specific languages, compensation rules, enrollment packages, products, etc.



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