Artificial intelligence for industrial companies

Partnership Manager


Development Stage of your Startup : Operating and Sales

We are a artificial intelligence company who works with machinery manufacturers to improve their machines by using the data that their machines generate to predict failures, respond automatically, and thus save costs. But also to recognize which parameters influence the production in order to operate the machines in a more resource-efficient manner. Our team has been awarded four times in competitions where we developed prototypes in less then 48 hours. Among our clients are Andritz, ÖBB and Porsche Holding.


Because our solutions save costs, every industrial company could benefit from it.

Main customers

Andritz - Machinery manufacturer (Energy, Paper, Water)
ÖBB - Austrian Railways
Austrian Postal Service
Porsche Holding

Problem / Customers

We are among the best in the area of artificial intelligence and data analytics. Furthermore, we are the only ones which can handle the dynamic delay in industrial processes (a change can effect the process hours later). Also, we create simple to use and straightforward user interfaces.