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Buy and sell your second hand vehicule between individuals

Louis-Gabriel De Causans


Development Stage of your Startup : Operating and Sales

A buyer will find a very wide choice of quality used vehicles. Each car has been rigorously inspected by one of the company's inspector-mechanics. He will not run any risk of mishaps as this may be the case. Advertising sitesIt will be 5-10% cheaper than a dealer! A seller will sell his car at the best price, within a reasonable time (2-3 weeks) and will receive 20% more than at home a dealer. Kyump will take care of everything for him. He will not have to answer the calls of curious or scams. He will not have fears during the tests. He will not have to worry about the payment.


Automotive Market

Main customers

Individuals riding cars.

Problem / Customers

Help individuals with the sell or the purchase of their car through a platform.