ASADRA is a personalized marketplace that connects conscious fashion designers with a global audience seeking unique and sustainable fashi

Andrew Cameron

Adrian Silenieks

Dana Pukanie
Fashion Director


Development Stage of your Startup : Operational product/service

ASADRA connects the most exciting conscious designers in one platform and has been created;

– To provide a sustainable alternative to the impact that fast fashion is having on our world.
– To allow conscious designers the scope and exposure to compete against big brands and fast fashion.
– To enable customers to discover new fashion that they can be proud to wear.

In the process of realizing the solution to these problems, we are creating unique, brand-defining experiences for independently designed fashion that keep customers coming back.

ASADRA is about reconnecting with clothes, rather than viewing them as quick trends or throwaway items. It’s about tapping into the pleasure of buying a well-made, long lasting, sustainable garment with with a timeless design and being able to recognize quality and to understand the full story of how it was made.


According to Nosto, 2016 European online fashion report, the fashion industry is worth €400 Billion in Europe. Traditional marketing approaches are facing competition from shared conversations in which social media is playing an increased role in online shopping. DigitasLBi’s ‘2015 Connected Commerce‘ study highlighted the growing credibility and influence of social media as the study found that Facebook influences 52% of consumer purchases. Both on and offline. In addition, 46% of shoppers were influenced by Pinterest, 43% by Instagram and 36% by Twitter.

Social shopping is also rapidly gaining traction with 28% of users around the world claiming to have purchased directly from social media and the average order value of shoppers from Twitter has risen to €121.33. (The highest among other social media such as Facebook, Yahoo, and Google).

Main customers

ASADRA’s target market is customers aged between 24-45 year olds, which represent 42% the population yet are responsible for 48% of retail spending. We are combining the best of inspirational shopping and a standard marketplace to make online shopping easy and enjoyable.

Problem / Customers

The fashion industry is one of the largest in the world and it’s experiencing big changes. More customers are searching for conscious fashion. People now care about how and where their clothes are made and are looking for quality products with a story.

We have already seen a similar change in the food industry. With a shift from fast food to biological products.

And now it’s the turn of fashion.

ASADRA will lead the change with three unique selling points that provide us with a competitive advantage

1. Curated platform for Unique and sustainable fashion
2. Personalized product feed - A new shopping experience that personalizes the content to each user's own style
3. Shared profit model - We directly reward user for sharing ASADRA products to social Media and provide them with analytics